quarta-feira, maio 27, 2009

Kunoichi Project.

An independent project I'm doing to learn, improve and further develop my skills as a creator of characters.

Here you can follow all the steps in this process to create a character made in games, start here:

this is the first draft:
In my last job, I make a scenario, and I don't like more this... But during process I have a big will to make a beatiful and exotic character. Cold ... cautious, very agile, flexible and sexy. A killer ... Psycho? I do not know ... Town? No. .. Heroin! So can not be a psycho ... a for this moment at least ... Then following the line of another work that I am developing for the staff of the Whitefly, that a ninja? It is like. Hence the Kunoichi, female version of Ninja.

After these other sketches, a quick search showed me that a Kunoichi is the ninja who has the mission to infiltrate and spy to gather information, whether as wife or companion of the target, the goal is to stay close enough to gather information and with certainty its beauty and power of seduction is crucial to the success of their mission. Therefore, short and provocative clothes and I tried to give a spicy. Before you get visual references, I define the design of the character, then I will choose colors and expressive for defining each party then go to the search for references to make the design more consistent.

I will continue looking for colors and shapes and when you finish, start to get the references to the character, which will culminate in the model sheet to start modeling.

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