quinta-feira, maio 28, 2009

Kunoichi Project WIP03

Well, I started to define the physical structure of the character. So I raised some requirements that created the initial outline, creating a briefing for the character.


Must be a Japanese ninja of structure, but with a body more topping, like a Brazilian's girls, but keeping Japanese proportions. I am not Japanese, I do not know what the Japanese mean by beautiful Japanese, but nothing that a search on google does not resolve.

Added to this, I need a reference couple, 21 years at most, small ... 1.55 m, 1.65 m maximum between 45kg-55kg looking like a children, but you know seduce with the look when needed and with the body and soft, but no muscle fibers or apparent. Much strength and agility hidden in a young and fragile appearance but above all, beautiful and naturally sexy.

With that in mind, I came to a design to start the search until I find the Japanese model Sasaki Nozumi. I need to fit in and seemed well-baby and listed in a forum of Japanese fashion and beauty. My Japanese, I am not allowed to view 100%, but the summary of the opera is that it is clearly seen as a reference of beautiful young and sexy to be known. So I think... I got! is it not true? I work on it now.

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