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Kunoichi Project WIP04

working ideas.

Yesterday chatting with my friend and partner, the talented design, Jarbas Agra, which wanted to raise me with this character and all the information I have for him, all compiled in this initial draft of the frame in which this character is protagonist, still no name, is called only by Kunoichi.

kunoichi plot:

Couple who sees his family massacred by the yakuza.

Without taking where to stay, is housed in a clan of kunoichis. They teach you everything, and provide escort services to luxury and spies Ninjas!
When the couple realizes that it is often among men who killed his family, began a personal vendetta going over the guidelines of the clan incluvise causing a large silent massacre in the underworld of crime.

This arouses the interest of a young cop who begins to investigate the wave of crimes known to kunoichi, and binds to its young history, becoming a silent partner and distance and help is mutual. Now the couple against the clan that trained and yakuza, owner of the clan, which she only discovered later, but the information needed to connect all points for that history begins to make sense, making all his enemies in one.

The family of the couple was killed by the yakuza, the father of the girl because the girl on the table bet the game and when lost, tried to not meet the debt. With this, the man's family and all that opposed, died and the girl was accepted and trained by the clan, because that was the goal of winning the bet, the partner of his father, and owner of the mafia.

after that I did this more detailed design and studying the best costumes of the character, but in the proportion that I want for the character.

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