sábado, maio 30, 2009

Kunoichi Project WIP05

The colors of the kimono sleeve that was designed in a text that I wrote together the elements that helped me to compose and understand this character better.

"On a warm light of the moon, a comfortable travel guide lovers of the sea in a passionate search for treasure.

The gold is just a trap treacherous tentacles of the giant monster that drags them warm for the cold and silent as death itself, the sea ... "

we have 7 elements of composition that scene:

A = abstract concepts, intangible.

1 Comfort, solace in the shoulder of the young ...

2 Love, all forms of love possible between men and women and brings back confidence

3 Passion of the Greek pathos, suffering, ill ... Way driving, cause and consequence with the proximity of the element gold stamp, showing passion for wealth and power, creating our B

B = point of conflict. It is here that they are victims of our character. Men greedy, ambitious ...

C = Concepts pragmatic

1 Tentacles, the red of the print format, show the strong and warm tentacles of a giant squid that drags men ambitious to the seabed, the print, we find that the gold is the tentacles, in the form of flames, as they are hot.

2 Betrayal, the sea ... Beautiful and treacherous, shows the other, to draw and then reveals the tentacle to kill leading to an inevitable end to all of our latest concept.

3 Death. Inivitável to all men, only men have the bad end of the squid tentacles, representation of members of the young killer ...

In this arm, started in the concept of metaphorical shoulder as comfort, receive, maternal affection, and brotherly done so in death by the hands of the young.
We left and walk up to an abstraction of ninja weapons.

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